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Sustainable Luxury: Mohair’s Eco-Friendly Side
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Sustainable Luxury: Mohair’s Eco-Friendly Side


Welcome to the world of sustainable luxury! In this blog post, we’ll unravel the fascinating story of mohair, a fibre that combines opulence with environmental consciousness. At The Glamorous Goat, we firmly believe that quiet luxury shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. Let’s explore how mohair’s green credentials make it a standout choice for the conscious consumer.

Mohair: The Noble Fibre

Silky Sheen and Resilience

Mohair, often referred to as the “noble fibre,” has a rich history dating back centuries. Here’s why it deserves such a regal title:

  1. Lustre and Resilience: Mohair boasts a natural lustre that catches the light like no other. Its silky sheen adds subtle elegance to garments from luxurious sustainable mohair throws to ethical mohair socks. Plus, it’s incredibly resilient, bouncing back from wear and tear with grace.
  2. Renewable and Natural: The fleece of the Angora goat produces this magical fibre. These goats roam freely, nibbling on sun-kissed grass. Mohair is a renewable resource, ensuring a sustainable cycle between animal and human.
  3. South African Mohair: Our mohair yarn hails from the Karoo region in South Africa. Think hot summers, chilly winters, and healthy goats sipping on sunshine. It’s like they’re knitting warmth into every strand.

The Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS)

Happy Goats, Happy Fibre

At The Glamorous Goat, we’re not just about fluff and glamour. We proudly support the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS). Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Animal Welfare: The RMS ensures that mohair comes from farms that treat their goats ethically and responsibly. Happy, healthy goats mean better fibre!
  2. Environmental Stewardship: Textile Exchange dreamed up the RMS. It’s all about being kind to water, soil, and air. We’re talking about eco-hugs all around.
  3. Transparency, Darling: Our supply chain is as clear as a crystal chandelier. From goat to you, we’ve got you covered.

Creating Sustainable Local Communities

We’re not just about luxurious mohair products; we’re about community. The production of mohair involves hard work—farming, shearing, and processing the fibres. These labour-intensive tasks create jobs for local South African communities in isolated farming areas. 

We’re a family affair and employ locally in both South Africa and New Zealand helping to create a circular and sustainable lifestyle. When you purchase our mohair socks and throws, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in rural communities. 

Why Choose The Glamorous Goat?

Conscious Chic and Timeless Vibes

  1. Conscious Chic: Our mohair pieces are like that eco-fashion friend who always looks fabulous. 
  2. Timeless Vibes: Renewable mohair doesn’t play games. It’s here for the long haul. Your Glamorous Goat blanket will outlast trends and fads and last for generations to come. 
  3. Fashion with Heart: When you wrap yourself in mohair, you’re part of a movement. A movement that says, “I choose beauty without compromise.”

Get Cosy, Get Glamorous

So, next time you’re curled up with your Glamorous Goat mohair throw, remember: You’re not just embracing luxury; you’re creating sustainable dreams. Let’s redefine opulence, one silky thread at a time! 🌿🐐✨



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