Why Mohair

The Glamorous Goat uses kid mohair, the fibre of Angora goat wool. The ultimate in comfort, mohair is breathable, durable, stain and odour resistant. Nature knows best - do yourself and the planet a favour by choosing our ethically sourced mohair.

Luxuriously Soft Fabric

The Glamorous Goat uses kid mohair from the first shearing of a young goat for the softest socks and throws you’ve ever experienced. Kid mohair produces the finest fibres of mohair yarn for the production of our luxurious socks and throws.

Natural Lustre

The natural sheen from Angora mohair is created from the light reflected by the larger outer scales from the fibre. These outer fibres mean that dyed mohair holds colours brilliantly and resists fading over time.

Durable Fabric

Angora goats are famous because of their long, curly, fleeced coat, which has incredibly hard-wearing ringlets throughout. Known as the most durable animal fibre and nicknamed the “diamond fibre”, it can easily be stretched or twisted without damaging the fibre. Furthermore, this property means that mohair resists shrinking, wrinkling, stretching and fabric sagging during wearing.